Born out of my personal need to explore the concept of painting whilst studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, I made a self-portrait.

The tradition of self-portraits felt inextricably linked to painting as I knew the medium of painting before attending art school.
The artbooks that I used to look at when I was young showed a different side of painting than I was being taught at the Rietveld Academy.

(Self)portraits in those books showed the best side of the person being portrayed.
If I would paint a self-portrait in more modern times, what side would I show?
Would I first apply my makeup to show the best version of myself?

In the original video performance make up is applied to foil. What is the self-portrait?
Is it the act of applying the make-up, the video, the end shot in the video where you see me with the make-up applied, the foil with the make-up that remains, this text, these photos, or all of it together?
'Self-Portrait' was part of the exhibition ‘Constrained by Space’