“Life isn’t a puzzle you can solve in one time.
You wake up every day and you solve it again.                                                      

Terribly inefficient.”[1]

“Efficiency is the magic word and who controls that will get most out of life. Our society is stricter than ever and focussed on results.”

“Efficiency has not only become key concept in societal things such as studies and work but also in our private lives.” [2]

“Let’s collectively be less efficient. Be less focussed on happiness. Experiencing happiness is not in the kicks of pleasure but in experiencing small things. In being content with the ordinary life.[3]

[1] The Good Place
[2] Philosopher Roovers in het Parool (2019).
[3] Dirk de Wachter (Parool 2019).

Wasting time, without a purpose or a goal.

What I like about things that are not efficient is that they seem to slow down time. It pauses my questions and it facilitates a flow.