“Aesthetics without ethics are cosmetics?” [1]

“Someone’s labour giving some sort of value to an object spread into intellectual property.”[2]

[1] Ulay
[2] Vierkant, 2010

Wasting time, without a purpose or a goal.

It seems as if wasting time without a purpose or a goal goes against the idea of art having some societal engagement or component. How do you relate that idea to “Aesthetics without ethics are cosmetics?”

Which according to an article I read, means that all artistic expression is a moral one, if it does not want to get stuck in ‘hollow rhetoric’s’.

I value the amount of time, concentration and patience that is put into a work.

The shifts between them too.

Like writing by hand.

Giving time and energy to things that lack of purpose or goals,

Giving inefficient time and energy to things with goals.

Like walking to the supermarket instead of by bike.

Inefficiency slows down time.