“Open here means questioning, open to unpredictable outcomes, not fixed on a telos, unsure, adaptable, shifting, flexible and adjustable.”[1]

‘Learning is a two-way street and you cannot teach without a relation to the learner.”[2]

‘“I must teach you that I have nothing to teach you.” In this way he allowed others to teach themselves […].

Like Paolo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, which argues against a “banking” system of teaching for a dialogic mode of learning that enacts a practice of freedom. Jacotot and then Ranciére see education and social transformation as mutually dependent.’[3]

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To question while learning.

To question learning.

I do take education seriously, taking the role of the teacher into account. I do feel attracted to the master-apprentice principle.
I do question the role of both teacher and student, but not from a recalcitrant attitude.